How To Cure Dry Skin

When your skin becomes so dry, it becomes itchy, rough and may become scaly and appear wrinkled.The new skin cells are constantly forming the junction between the epidermis and the dermis. Read More »


Naturelle Cosmetics sent me a Royal Coffee Scrub Tea Tree to try and give an honest review. So here we go. The product arrived in a nice package, neatly packed. And I tried it a couple of times. I noticed that the smell was a bit harsh when I opened it but did not last as the smell reduced drastically after I mixed with water in the bath tub. The coffee is well milled and did not clog my drain; Haha I totally forgot to mesh my bathtub drain. So finally a coffee scrub that is safe to use in the bathtub!

This product is complete 100% organic, vegan-friendly and has been clinically proven to help with skin regeneration and can be used from head to toe. As side from the harsh smells which did not last after I mixed with water, I can happily say that this product is incredible in taking down dead skin.

Even though I am still battling with dry skin due to cold weather, I can honestly say that the dryness on my skin has reduced drastically and that is what matters

So if you are looking for a coffee scrub that works, you need to head to  Naturelle Cosmetics to grab yours.

Introducing Stella & Dot’s Stylist program

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Photo Credit -stella & dot
Stella and Dot is a San Francisco based social selling company that gives an opportunity to entrepreneurs to work from home at their own time/ pace.

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Introducing Gymboree’s Brand New Peter Rabbit Collection !

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   Photo Credit- Gymboree
 Am so happy to be introducing the latest collection from Gymboreecalled Peter Rabbit collection which is specially designed for the awesome little ones in your life!

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Effective Ways to Actualize Your Dreams As a Parent

Attaining balance is a very dicey situation I find it difficult to say I believe in achieving balance or to believe in attaining balance this moment rather I look at my life in stages. I will like to say that my no-family stage was the stage that gave way to the stage I am in right now.

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4 Reasons Why Moms Should Have A Hobby


Moms try so hard to fit everyone in their life to their schedule and literally forget themselves.

They do their best, to make sure the kids are active by signing them up for different activities, making sure that they don’t miss any of their scheduled activities and encouraging them to love the activates, driving them to and fro to their activates. You head to the kitchen to fix dinner, and then rush to check the laundry and on your way to the laundry room, you get attracted to your kids whining and decide to listen and find a solution to whatever the problem of your child may be. Read More »