Bubble Masks That Can Turn Your Face To a Cloud

May 27, 2017 No Comments

Bubble Masks That Can Turn Your Face To a Cloud

May 27, 2017 No Comments

So there is this new face mask out on the market. from funny

You’ve probably seen this Korean cool beauty invention called bubble mask or oxygen mask which turns foamy after a period of time.

But if you have not, a radar is putting it back on radder with the funny viral photos above.These bubble masks are not new but have been popular in Korea for years.it is believed to cleaning out your pores to removing dirt and oil


A Reddit user by name ZeApollo shares two photos of her testing a new bubble mask although this user did not mention what brand it was, from the picture, we can see how foamy this can get, which has gone viral on the net.

So have you tried this mask and if you have not will you give it a try or do you think it’s just too weird.See what other users are saying below.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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Things got really bubbly over here this week. I tried the new @naturerepublic_usa_official Black Rose wash-off Bubble Mask which claims to refresh skin and remove impurities from your pores, and it was not only a success but also a very ticklish and fun experience (I mean, bubbles… that's always fun, right?) 🦄While Pore-wise I didn't see much difference, its brightening and cooling effects were 👌🏼 👌🏼 👌🏼 -though my skin looked really red for around 10 mins right after wearing it but it quickly washed out to leave my skin bright and smooth. 🦄 A special shoutout to the peeps at @dubdubstories who helped me create this super cool video! #DubLoft #DubStudios

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LMAOOOO this face mask is the best!😂🙃 #bubblemask

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