4 Essentials for a Dream Wedding Proposal


It’s time to propose to the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. But, if you’re a typical guy, you could probably use a little help to create the perfect proposal.


Whether it’s a few great ideas to kickstart your planning, or you really have no idea where to start, here are a few essentials for planning the perfect proposal.

  • You need communication

While communication may not be as romantic as renting a boat in Paris or reserving a candlelit table at a swanky restaurant, communication is an important part of planning the proposal. So, before you pop the special question, you need to ensure that both of you are ready for this very serious commitment to one another. You should also be in agreement on the bigger questions in life, like finances and raising kids. Make sure you do have a serious conversation or two to get on the same page before forging ahead with the fun stuff.

  • The perfect ring

Does your significant other want to be involved in choose the ring? There are those that do and those that don’t. If she doesn’t, you may have your work it out for you. There are plenty of ways to pick the perfect ring. Just be sure to do your homework and then you can choose from a wide variety of popular engagement ring styles on the market. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to let your lady pick out a “hypothetical” engagement ring, and then you can surprise her with the timing of the proposal and presentation of her dream ring.

  • Create a personal proposal

You may want to stay away from a public proposal. They’re a lot of pressure to get things dynamic. The drama should be all about you and the love of your life, and not a crowd reacting in the moment.

Let the focus be on just the two of you. So, think of an intimate and quiet setting for your proposal. Perhaps something significant to your relationship and your history together.

  • Make the proposal romantic

There really isn’t anything cliched and corny about dropping onto one knee to make the proposal. It’s very romantic. You can take it a step further and tell her exactly why you want to marry her. Get creative and have as much fun as you can! Most men prefer to keep the emphasis on romance, others like to hide the ring in a cocktail glass or bake it into a cake. Just think carefully before pulling any tricks that could result in a ring being swallowed accidently.

You no doubt love your lady. So, follow these four essentials and you’re sure to create the perfect, romantic proposal that you will both remember and cherish for the rest of your lives together. Hopefully, she’ll have a fabulous proposal story to tell all her friends and family about, not to mention your future kids and grandkids

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    Swarnali Das
    June 15, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    Wow good Ideas for the dream wedding.


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