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Social media has come to stay! Online dating is gradually taking over. People meet individual every day and fall in love and eventually become married if it works out.

But the truth remains that when two people meet online or for the first time, they will be excited in meeting each other in person if they feel comfortable from their online communications, especially for their first date.

The irony of life still remains that there are still bad individuals out that derive pleasure in harming others.

What is “Ask for Angela”?

Well in a situation you are on a date with someone you just meet and you become uncomfortable, “Ask for Angela” is one option individual can make use of to get out the situation. When you are on a date and you find yourself in an awkward situation, or you feel alone, “Ask for Angela” is basically is one way of alerting other clubs or pubs/bars staffs around you that something is going wrong with your date  on and you feel is award or weird.

Today we are joining free dating  in asking everyone to support “Ask for Angela”. An innovative safety campaign which allows people who feel vulnerable in pubs or bars to discreetly signal for help is being rolled out across London.

The Ask for Angela campaign was launched by Lincolnshire county council with many areas in the UK joining in the campaign. This scheme will allow customers who feel unsafe or vulnerable in their date get help by approaching the bar and “Asking for Angela.”

Police trains the staff at bars, clubs or pubs that signed up to respond quickly to the safety concern of the individuals by

By taking the victim to a place that is private and safe to enable they speak in confidence

Staffs could also call a taxi, contact a family member or a friend or ask the individual causing the unsafe situation to leave the bar, clubs/pubs.

This campaign is really important because, it could free dating site

 Possibly prevent situation from escalating to something more serious and dangerous

Possibly prevent adverse injuries

Possible create more awareness to those who have been in such situation before, so they know what they can do if it happens again

Save lives while creating awareness to club/ pubs or bar staff to be on the lookout for customers that are in distress situations to look for help.

Safety issues should be taken very seriously to avoid any form of bad situation from happening. So let join in spreading this campaign by letting everyone we know or come across know about this campaign “Ask for Angela”. As individual, when dealing with people we don’t know so well, we should limit the kind of information we give out especially personal information’s. For example, personal address, school address, work address, and the list goes on,

Try to meet individual in an open / public space until you feel safe with them.

Make sure to inform a close family member/ close friend of where you are going and who you are meeting.

When you get to your first dating venue, do not forget to update your family and friends. Lets free dating site in making this campaign go viral.



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