Blurb Layflat photo books

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Layflat photo books


Blurb has lunched a new Layflat photo books. Customers can now create beautiful  books that display every part of the page without losing any part of the image by using double-thick, layflat paper.Blurb’s suite of free creative tools, including Blurb’s plug-in for Adobe are available for use.

 The new paper type starts at $49.99 for 20 pages in Blurb’s Small Square, 7×7-inch book, making  Blurb layflat photo books best value  on the market. With a maximum of 110 pages, Blurb’s latest offering also has more room for images, making it among the largest layflat books on the market.

Now customers can seamlessly showcase their creativity across a two-page spread without losing any part of their image to the gutter.

“We worked hard to create a book that retains the bookstore-quality look and feel valued by creative professionals and personal book-makers who use the Blurb platform. Creating new layout possibilities, layflat allows customers across skill levels to tell their story in an impactful way, from personal vacation books, to wedding books, to portfolios.” said Todd Larsen, Chief Executive Officer of Blurb.

Layflat ting layflat books can offer those books for sale through the Blurb books are printed in the U.S., ship to anywhere in the world, and authors crea

Layflat photo books

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