Five Items I am currently obsessed with this summer




This years summer has been so fun and , I have been enjoying every bit of it. In to days post, I thought I should share with you guys some of the Items I an so so obsessed with this season.

In this post, I will be shearing with you guys what I just realized about some of the item I own and some of the reasons why it is what it is.

Canon Camera

Late  year December, I bought canon 80D camera. Due to the cold weather here in Regina saskatchwen, I have not been able to take pictures outside. Since this summer, I have been playing with all the settings of this camera, and taking amazing picture with my camera.


Floral dress

I purchased this dress from Jeo fresh at super store  and I love it so much that I have to always reach out for it. I love how detail this dress is and  the color combination which is not too loud. It is chiffon and it feels very soft. Comfy to the skin and excellent for the weather.


Customized Necklace

Having kids has kind of made me  stay away from jewelries mostly because they tend to always want to pull them. Curious little kids. This is one of those things that moms have to deal with! But now that my little  princess is 2 years old , I am very confident its time to  start collecting jewelries. I am so in love with this personalized   silver necklace from oNecklace Jewelry.


I have been rocking this necklace since this summer and I am so so in love with it. It is literally beautiful. See details of this necklace below.
Words: Maky Churchill
Chain lenght 18inches
Type; boxed chain
Workout Pants
I have been working out more regularly this summer and for some reasons, I am in love with this work out pants from Jeo fresh. It is so comfy and I am obsessed with it.

Black Purse

This purse from dress Lilly is giving me life. I am totally in love with this purse because i comes so handy. And as you all know, you can never go wrong with a black purse.

What are thoes item you are obssed with? Let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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