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A positive view about online dating and the advantages of locally themed dating sites.

The concept of flirting is very difficult for men to understand. Interestingly all women know exactly what flirting is and know how to use it.

Often time’s women initiate the act of flirting in the hope that men will notice and follow along. Yet when that woman realizes the man wasn’t flirting she gets disappointed and moves on. Often date opportunities are missed because men don’t “get the message” and never realize that woman are interested.

Knowledgeable friends watch these interactions and say, “So did you get her number? She was really into you!” The Man surprisingly replies, “But she didn’t say she was! “Women know flirting is uncontrollably magnetic because they RESPOND to it. Similarly, men like those at County Fermanagh dating knows exactly what a beautiful woman looks like because they RESPOND to her uncontrollably.

“Uncontrollably magnetic” is a strong phrase, isn’t it?

Women who give men a hard time, playfully hit them or poke their tongue out at them are actually communicating their interest in these men. Flirting is important for one simple reason. It is the language of attracting women. Men and women are biologically different which means they think and act differently too. If they think differently, then they talk and communicate completely differently as well. In order to get women found at “best dating sites to feel sexually attracted to you, you need to speak differently– you need to flirt.
If you are not having success with women then obviously it’s time to try something different. In order to be phenomenal with women you need to make sure you learn to speak their language.

A positive view about online dating and the advantages of locally themed dating sites.

The goal of flirting is to attract women and make them realize you have all the qualities they’re looking for:


Let’s say you’ve been talking to a woman you meet at Suffolk dating for several minutes and you pinch her hat straight off her head and she tries to snatch it back from you as you constantly hide it behind your back, smiling and laughing. Does this seem like an absurd thing to do? You’re saying, “Won’t that screw up my chances of dating her?” In fact, by doing this you’ll most likely increase your chances of dating the woman. Why do you think this simple act would be so powerful in attracting women?

It’s not what you say or do, but the meanings behind a statement or action that make women find you irresistible.

No matter what you do, whether it’s show up late, laugh at her, buy her gifts, compliment her, grab her hand, smile at her or turn away, women are interpreting what these things mean.

HE JUST: playfully took my hat off my head and made me chase him to get it back.

THAT MEANS: He is very confident, funny, secure, in control, hard to get, playful and really fun just as folks at London singles! He’s not just interested only in my looks because he’s not sucking up tome like all the other guys. He’s actually kind of mysterious and I’m not really sure if he likes me or not. I like this guy.

That’s a lot of great qualities for doing something as simple as harmlessly playing with her hat, isn’t it?

 Women especially those found on “Jersey dating“, love confidence so act in a way that shows you’re confident. Even simple acts without words, such as stealing her hat, project many powerful characteristics about you.





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