How To Care For And Clean Your Formal Gown

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Whether you have purchased early or want to freshen it up after you’ve worn it, there are tips and tricks to caring for a formal dress. Looking at the label for washing instructions can tell you a lot of information about cleaning your gown. However, not every circumstance is covered, and your dress may end up with a stain or other various issues.

This article will run through some of the best ways you can take care of your formaldress, so it looks new longer. Formal gowns are normally more delicate and detailed than usual, so they require extra care. If you are still searching for something to wear for a formal event such as the homecoming night, you can discover chic 2018 homecoming dresses  from reliable dress stores.

 Many come with special care instructions, so you know exactly how to care for your dress. It’s helpful to get all the tips and information you can possible. Let’s discover what some of the best care instructions are.

Best Ways To Care For Your Formal Dress

  • Think about storage.

 Where and how you store your dress is super important. You want to reduce creases and lines so you don’t have to have the dress ironed or go through any dry-cleaning process. You also want to ensure you keep the gown away from dust, pet hair and other potential problem areas.  Ideally, your formal dress should be kept flat in its original packaging.

To be extra careful, you can also place the dress in plastic sleeve for protection.

If you are hanging the dress, then make sure the hem isn’t touching the ground. Also, watch out for any pests if you store it somewhere like the attic.

  • Store away from the light.

It is advisable to keep your formal dress away from the light, as light may cause discoloration over time and ruin the beautiful shade of your gown. Placing your dress somewhere airy where the material has breathing space is also a great idea.

  • Never take matters into your own hands.

If you have any doubts, always go straight to professional cleaners. They have the right techniques and equipment to clean your delicate gown in the best way possible. This way you will preserve the material and get your desired finish.

 Cleaning After The Event

After the formal event, have your dress cleaned before you put it away for the next occasion. As mentioned above, going to a dry cleaner is always the best way to do this.

It’s also a good idea to check the dress from top to bottom for any marks or stains. This way you can give the cleaners a heads up, so they can focus on the problem areas.

Now you know some of the best care tips for your formal gown, you will be able to keep your dress in perfect condition no matter how many times you wear it.


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