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When you are running a business, advertising becomes a very vital part of your life, and not a day will ever pass by without you saying or hearing something that is related to marketing. In the marketing world, there are lots of new innovative techniques and strategies for attracting a target audience. But sometimes, the best option for you may be the simplest one.

Instead of getting overwhelmed while trying various hacking methods to conduct marketing, perhaps it would do you good to turn to the proven basic text messaging tactics provided by Julia Vashneva, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt.

Millennial’s tend to like texting much more than any other channel of communication available, and like it or not, if they are your target market, your success will depend mainly on whether they find you approachable.

However, the question arises now-why not make use of social networks, since millennial’s use them on a regular basis? Although there are lots of ways to use social media to develop your business, generally, people do not scroll their timelines with the intent of checking out new commercials. Their goals involve connecting with their social circles. Text messages are not necessarily intended for connecting with social circles, making them an ideal channel.


A phone number is a very direct way to reach a certain member of your target audience and table an offer to them. However, getting in touch with somebody through sending them any kind of content is not very efficient. It is like getting a text or call from an unknown number. Not many people are fond of it, and most will find it inappropriate. Your list of contacts should, therefore, be a list of your customers.

Taking into consideration that you are using a very personal medium of communication, the tone of the texts that you send out needs to be in accordance with it. You need to understand that not all recipients will appreciate this form of privacy intrusion, and so you have to be careful about your selection.

Humanization is one term you need to prioritize on. Nowadays, people are getting tired of looking at online pages due to the lack of personal communication. This is the main reason why it is advisable to revert to the basics. Chatbots are a great way to achieve this. When you build a chatbot and integrate it to a cheap text message service, you can supply your customers with information about your products and services.

If you want to promote your business, you can try adding a sense of urgency to your texts. It may be a very old trick, but it is effective. You can achieve this, for instance by offering your audience a discount that is limited with an expiration date. This way, your rate of response will rise a little faster than you would expect since people tend to react well to the right deals which are on offer for a short period of time.

If used well, text message marketing, integrated with some of the techniques mentioned above, can bring you a wide variety of business. You just need to be very careful when it comes to creating your contact lists.

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