Hi everyone! Today’s review covers a lot of you guys favorite topic: contact lenses! The lenses I  am going to talk about today come from the amazing Pinky Paradise. When I first started to shop for lenses, online,  I stumbled upon Pinky Paradise.

I found Pinky Paradise because of their popularity and online presence. I  asked a couple of friends where they do buy and their response Their response? Pinky Paradise. I reached out to the to see If I can try out some and they obliged.

After I got my first pair of circles( blue and green –hahaha beautiful colors!) from Pinky Paradise, I was hooked!

You wont believe it I have being  wearing these lenses everyday at home for over one month. And am ordering more to review for you guys today because I am so so so hooked.

I am always on the hunt for my number one circle lens staple: green lenses , blue of course I love to have fun and let my eyes speak! I love those bright colors that gives enlarging effect with the naturalness of the Super Pinky series. After digging through Pinky Paradise‘s HUGE selection, I finally found my dream pair

I could not wait to get done with my make up and I had to start taking pictures quickly.


One thing that I think is really cool about Pinky Paradise‘s website is that they have “Real Life Photos” for each lens. Which makes it  easier for anyone to really see how it looks. Now another thing is the links photos  of  real customers to the lenses at the description. If you scroll to the bottom of the description, they have linked photos of real customers who have shared photos of their lenses on Pinky Paradise’s Facebook page.
The shipment from Pinky Paradise (based in Germany) to me (Canada) took exactly two weeks. Although you can make come to you ASAP by opting in for express shipping. So here is my verdict :

Design~ 5/5
I absolutely love this design. You will really remember you have anything on .
Color~ 4/5
The colors appears as it is on their website. Shopping tips: If your not convinced about the colors on the  charts, you can look through to see how it looks on real customers.
Enlargement~ 5/5
Yes!! Huge! Thanks dark outer ring and 14.8mm!
Comfort~ 5/5
These are so comfy. They don’t dry out the eyes or obstruct my sight in any way even when worn for long hours.
Naturalness~ 3/5
Obviously with green and blue contact you don’t expect ones eye to look natural. Because my eye color is brown and I have a blue and green worn it does not give me a natural look. I will reevaluate this section when I try out a color close to my eye color.

purchase contact lenses
Anyway, that’s my review of Pinky Paradise – Largest Circle Lens Store. I hope you enjoy!~ Go check out the hundreds of lenses they have to offer!!

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Thanks for reading!

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